About Jeju

Jeju is an island located in south-west of the Korean Peninsula. It is the biggest island of Republic of Korea and strategically positioned connecting Continents (Russia, China) and Oceans (Japan, South-East Asia). Basalt rocks cover more than 90% area of this universal volcanic island and a universal recreational island with beautiful natural landscape received as a gift from nature. The island is oval-shaped with Halla Mountain in the centre stretching 73km from east to west and 41km from north to south.

UNESCO Bio Sphere Reserve

December 16, 2002, designated a World Biosphere Reserve on June 27, 2007 and registered as Korea’s first World Natural Heritage Property  with the title of Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes.


It is regarded as Samda-do due to the abundance of stones, wind and women.


It is also known as Sammoo-do because there is no stealing, no beggars and no front gates.


It had only one kingdom for 464 years, which gave it the name of Tamna.

About Jeju

The largest island and only self-governing province in Korea.

Jeju is a world-renowned treasure island that merits worldwide attention and conservation.


The food in Jeju is uniquely delicious thanks to its clean ocean and mountainous terrain.

Don’t miss out on Jeju’s local cuisine.


Beautiful forests, an extravagant city, and a coastline with a brilliant blue sparkle.

These gems are waiting to be visited by travelers just like you.