The 35th IEEE International Symposium on Intelligent Vehicles, IV 2024 will be held in Jeju, Korea. In order to provide more beneficial time to the participants, the tutorial chairs called for proposals, and the following five interesting contents were selected.

The information of Tutorials will update continually. So please pay a lot of interests on it.

Tutorial Date: June 2, 2024

IEEE ITS Standards Development and Update

Argonne’s High-Fidelity Simulation Tools and Anything-In-the-Loop (XIL) Test Workflow for Assessing Energy Impacts in Multi-Intelligent Vehicles

Spatial AI for Intelligent Agents

Introduction to 4D Radar: Hardware, MIMO, Signal Processing, Dataset, and Neural Network

An Introduction to Autoware and Its Application Platforms

  • Organizer(s): Chi-Sheng (Daniel) Shih, Rahul Mangharam, Simon Thompson
  • Presenters: Rahul Mangharam, Po-Jen Wang, Kanghee Kim, Jinseop Jeong, Min Kim, and Seryun Kang, Rahul Razdan, Ravio Sell, Lei Ma, Zhijie Wang, Jiayang Song, Yuheng Huang, Alexander Carballo, David Robert Wong, Maximilian Schmeller, Kwon Soon
  • Tutorial Type: Full-day (5 hours)
  • Website: https://autowarefoundation.github.io/autoware-coe/tutorials